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This is a small sample of unsolicited letters that we have received.
Because of the sensitivity of the subject, these represent
just the "tip of the iceberg" of our impact on the community:

"The literature received at Mikva=Tikva=Hope booth, at CAJE, inspired me to observe Mikva! Mikva is my first Mitzva!

A step leading toward total commitment!
Now my entire family is keeping a kosher home."
J.B. Mikva attendant,
Columbus, OH, 26 Elul 5750

"After distributing your videotape & printed Mikva educational materials to our entire community, there was a noticeable increase in Mikva attendance, ["A jump from 50 to 100% observance."]."
Rabbi Yaakov Wasser, Young Israel,
E. Brunswick NJ, 11 Shvat 5757
Dear Rabbi Ravad,

"Those who saw your film and heard your lecture have acquired a desire to go to Mikveh... Even those who have been going before said that now the will go with greater zeal..."

R.M Mexico City
... appreciation for the book, "Waters of Eden" ... As result ... I became interested in Mikveh ... and have been going regularly according to strict observance of the religious law... our children ... have been affected... and it had a great impact on my life.."

Fr. S. - Seattle, Washington
"The presentation of "Waters of Life" is a most dynamic and powerful work on the essence and meaning of the Mikveh ritual ... The dissemenation of this powerful video will undoubtedly help the general Jewish public become aware of and inspired with the Mitzvah of Mikveh."

Mrs. R. Katz -
Montreal Seminary Teacher
... appreciation for sending so many copies of the book, "Waters of Eden" ... given to those who had never been to a Mikveh.... many of them now come to use the Mikveh from different areas of Washington State.

Mikveh Attendant -
Seattle, Washington
You inspired observance of Taharat Hamishpachah, even when it meant immersing in the river in the cold of winter. Your financial and educational contribution helped building our Mikva, which will cost under $10,000. Its plans might serve other small communities.

Rabbi E. Davidson, Halachic Minyan,
Eugene, Oregon
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